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Pearl Necklace  (His Pearls)

His Pearls Five Byeong-Eye (2B5F) Ministry is- The beautiful pearls created and called as children of God gather to discover their own five-byeong ear to be presented to the Lord, and work together and cooperate to feed and save the souls entrusted to us. , the work of building


We live without realizing that we are like sparkling jewels (pearls) created in the image of God and sent to light the world warmly and brightly.
There are times when we cannot discover the talents (talents) we have been given, or even if we do, we cannot use them properly. If several pearls are gathered together (pearl necklace) and each talent is collected and used to serve God and neighbors, wouldn't it be possible for God to be pleased and we too can handle the tasks God has entrusted to us more happily?


Five pieces of fish (John 6:1-13)

Many people gathered at the shore of the Sea of Galilee to hear the words of Jesus. The Bible records only the number of male adults, which is said to be about 5,000, so if you include women and children, there must have been between 10 and 15,000. Even when it was dinner time, they did not leave their seats and continued to listen to the teachings of Jesus. Jesus told the disciples to get something to eat because they were afraid they would be hungry. However, there was no place to buy food in the vicinity, and above all, the disciples did not have the money to feed so many people.

Then a little boy brought five barley loaves and two fish to the disciples. Then Jesus commanded all the people to sit down in groups, and after taking the bread and fish that the boy brought, he gave thanks to God and commanded that they be distributed to the disciples.

The disciples shared the food as Jesus had said. Everyone who was there ate the bread and the fish to their fill. And when I collected the leftover food, it became 12 Gwangju. Those who witnessed this miracle there said that Jesus must have been a prophet from God, and they expected to feed them.

His Peals Ministry


Ministry 1: “Feed my sheep”

Jesus gave spiritual teachings, but he also gave fleshly food to the hungry crowd.
It can be said that success in this world is what one person owns and enjoys the things of 5000 people.

God is pleased to feed and save the 5,000 people entrusted to us with the five diseases we already have.

Then, who are the five thousand people entrusted to us? After thinking and praying for a long time, we;

1. I saw pictures of children starving to death with bare bones, who resembled our children so much, and made me think of our brothers and sisters who share the same blood, our people, orphans in North Korea.
There are so many hungry and sick people in the world, and although there are many places, they are the ones who, as Koreans, have a holy burden on our hearts and need to be saved until the end.
Even if we cannot help right now due to various circumstances, we wait for God's time,
We decided to start with the ministry of first establishing and caring for orphans/adopted children around us who can best understand and help them.



  1. Helping Orphans in Korea: This is a ministry that establishes a future pearl with a heavenly vision as a mentor by providing necessary help with a bond in advance so that high school children belonging to Seongrowon can become self-reliant after discharge.


  1. Helping Adopted/Followed Korean Children: Among the children adopted from Korea to the United States, I learned that there are children who are fostered due to various reasons, or who live in public facilities/foster homes with the help of child shelters, a government agency due to neglect or abuse. They were orphans and were adopted by a new family in the United States, but they were orphaned here again and were wounded twice. It is a ministry that takes on the role of a bridge that helps these children to grow well by being entrusted/adopted into a family of good faith, loved and healed.


Ministry 2: Establishment as a widow/single mother/single mom pearl

  1. By providing counseling for self-reliance, helping with child rearing, and creating a network where they can help each other, they become a member of the Pearl Necklace and dream of becoming a member of the Pearl Necklace.


Provides practical help through job creation/provision/connection, etc.
I want to do a job that develops basic competencies through various good educational programs.


Each person is created in the image of God, recognizes that they are like pearls that God sends to this earth, cherishes and takes care of, and discovers their gifts and callings first.
Also, we think deeply about the purpose and meaning of our life on this earth, or our dream (the mission and calling that God has entrusted to each of us), and pursue a life that fulfills that dream.

We want to live the life of a happy child of God, a happy woman/man, and a happy mother/dad. 



When not alone, but together as partners, exhorting and helping each other 
We need to be more courageous and strong to support the people and ministries God has entrusted to us.
I believe in serving you well and being able to handle it. We look forward to synergy to achieve good by working together.


Five Byeong-Eye Ministry: 

The starting point is to have a mindset of wanting to live a life that saves others as well.
When we save others, we realize that we can live as well.
I pursue a life that I want to live with the thoughts of feeding and saving 5,000 people, not the life I want to enjoy with 5,000 people. Rather than feeling burdened by the number of 5,000, God already discovers what I have and offers it to the Lord. You should know that you are happy to give.
Just like the miracles of five diseases in the Bible, whether it be fifty, five thousand, or fifty thousand people, the number is left to the Lord's hands, and we just have to do what we have to do with joy and silence. I think what we need to do is to bring the five fish we already have to the Lord and share help and love around us through them. When we pray and obey God's guidance and bring our little five fish to God.
We believe in a God who can accomplish even things we never thought possible.


determination of pearl necklace;

We want to be used by God

I want to live without shame when I meet the Lord

We want our children to live their faith and build them up with little pearls.

I want to live a life of sharing, helping, and enjoying true joy, rather than worrying about old age and regretting it  

We want to love and care for those we have entrusted to us.

I hope to become co-workers in the faith from friends/colleagues
I hope that the eyes and hearts of our pearls will be where God's eyes and heart are.
May we discover more pearls, build them, and work together for good.

comfort my people
feed my sheep
feed my sheep
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