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Ministry by Project

Feed My Sheep
  • Helping North Korean Orphans: We have felt the specific burden and need to reach out to the North Korean children. Due to our current socio-political climate, we are unable to reach them at this time, but as we wait for God’s perfect timing, we are preparing for this ministry by empowering and caring for South Korean orphans and adoptees.       

  • Helping orphans in Korea: We are currently supporting some children at the Seongrowon Orphanage in Seoul, South Korea. Our hope is to encourage the orphans to strive for their dreams. Our ministry with them is to be mentors in the faith, to empower them to become Pearls with a vision of heaven and to help them become self-reliant when they come of age to leave the orphanage.  


  • Helping adopted/rehomed Korean children in the United States: It came to our attention that there are children who were adopted from Korea to the United States, but were neglected or abused by the adoptive families. They are living in public facilities or foster homes with the help of government agencies. We work for the rehomed      children who were abandoned for the second time in a foreign land. It is a ministry that serves as a bridge to help these children find a new Christian family so that they can be loved and heal their emotional scars.   

Shepherd My Sheep
  • Entitling a Pearl by providing necessary help: It is a ministry to support mothers who are raising their children alone. We hope to share their burdens by providing counseling for self-reliance, supporting child care, and creating a network where they can help each other. As we help them lessen their worries for children and retirement, we can also encourage them to become a member of the His Pearls so that they can dream and participate in the ministry of the ‘2B5F’.

  • Capacity Building: We want to provide job creation, provision, connection, and others practical help while developing basic competencies through various renowned education programs.

Comfort My People
  • Intercessory Prayer: We pray together for the health, healing, and salvation of patients.

  • Supplies/food support for patients: We provide daily necessities and food for patients as well as for their families on a regular basis. 

  • Support the life of faith: Upon the request of the patients, we visit them at home or guide them to a nearby churches.

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