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Ministry by Region

Activity Regions


His Pearls North American team supports in a form of “Feed my sheep,” “Feed my sheep,” and “Comfort my people.” In order to fulfill the mission that God has entrusted to us, we are currently serving in the following three ministries.


Helping Korean orphans, adopted/rehomed children, North Korean orphans

Jesus gave spiritual teachings, but he also gave fleshly food to the hungry crowd.It can be said that success in this world is what one person owns and enjoys 5000 people, but God is pleased to feed and save the 5,000 people entrusted to us with the five diseases we already have.


Empower Widows/Single Mothers as Pearls

We desire to provide a network of resources for women to become self-reliant and successful, as they become free from their burdens of motherhood and financial insecurity. By providing practical support such as creating job opportunities, offering job referrals and creating skills development programs, we hope to prepare them to enter the employment market. Furthermore, we would love for them to share the vision and dream of ‘5B2F’ ministry by becoming a member of His Pearls.


Comfort and care for patients

As we pray together for patients who have never experienced God’s love and are in desperate need of community, we provide gifts and food periodically to help them get through their difficult and painful times. Through our small acts of service and love, we hope to become a channel to convey God’s love and comfort.

South Korea

His Pearls Asia Team supports adolescents who will face the real world in a few years due to South Korean law. Our goal is to help them become fully independent when they come of an age to leave the orphanage.  We try to fulfill their needs in wide spectrum so that they can build their own dreams and eventually become a member of His Pearls.

We would do so with prayers, networks, and through financial supports.

  • Help them to enhance competence by connecting them with high quality educational programs

  • Provide financial support for timely medical treatment

  • Help them to be economically ready when leaving the orphanage.

  • Various supports for social life.

  • As a mentor in faith, assist them to become mentally and emotionally well-balanced adults

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