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To become a “Pearl” member

  1. Acknowledge that you are a precious child of God, shining like a pearl. 

  2. Love God and make commitment to use time, talents, and passion to serve neighbors in obedience to His calling. 

  3. Love, respect, and cooperate with other “Pearls”. Be careful not to put work ahead of people.  

  4. Pray first and follow God’s guidance at all times. 

  5. Fulfill the responsibilities and the obligations of a Pearl. 

  6. Monthly membership fee ($50 or 50,000KRW)

  7. Attend local meetings and activities 

To become a supporter (Must satisfy one or more of below)

  1. Participate in preferred region or in ministry through; (Choose one or more)
    - Cash donation
    - Consumer goods donation
    - Talent sharing
    - Participate in specific mission

  2. Pray for the His Pearls and its ministry.

  3. Participate as a staff or a consumer in fundraising activities in the region.

Preparation for donation

​Individual Donate


Ask other methods

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Organization Donate 


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