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About Us

His Pearls began with 10 friends who shared the same vision. We desire to serve the Lord and our neighbors by working together with our different gifts and talents, carrying out the work he has entrusted to us. As children of God, we hope to be pleasing in His sight.


His Pearls

We are all glistening and precious pearls, because each one of us is created in the image of God and deeply loved by Him. God has sent us into this world that we may be his love and light to those around us. As we continue to discover our special gifts and talents, we are reminded of our calling to partner with God in fulfilling His will and purposes in this world. When we are united as sisters in Jesus Christ and gathered as His Pearls, we will gain strength and courage that will enable us to serve our neighbors. We will work together to accomplish the goodness of God, who has woven us into His precious necklace.


As beautiful pearls responding to the call of God, our ministry is to feed, save, and raise the souls of all who are entrusted to us. We will accomplish this ministry by discovering and utilizing the five loaves of bread and the two fishes given to us in our lives as an offering to God.

Five loaves of Bread and Two Fish (John 6:1~13)​

Many people gathered at Lake Galilee to listen to Jesus. The Bible records only the number of men and states there were about five thousand people who had gathered. However, if the children and women had been counted, it is estimated that there could have been about 10,000 to 15,000 people at the site. They were listening to Jesus teaching until the day had set and dinner time was near. Jesus told his disciples to go and get some food for the people, for he was worried they would be hungry. However, the disciples did not have enough money to buy, enough food for the multitude.

Just then, a boy offered his five loaves of bread and two fish to share with others. Jesus told the people to sit in groups, took the boy’s food, held them up to heaven, and gave thanks to the Lord. He then told the disciples to distribute them to the people. (multitude)

The disciples did as Jesus commanded. After everyone had enough bread and fish, the disciples gathered 12 baskets full of leftovers. All those who witnessed this miracle proclaimed that Jesus was a prophet sent by God and raised hopes that he would provide plentiful food for them.


Logo 1 : Five fish (two fish and five loaves) and a cross

​Logo 2 : His Pearls were sewn with ten ladies 

​Logo 1


Ministry: Feed! Empower! Comfort!

Ministry A:  “Feed My Sheep”  (John 21:15-17)

Helping Korean orphans, helping adopted/rehomed children, helping North Korean orphans

Jesus gave spiritual teachings, but he also gave fleshly food to the hungry crowd.It can be said that success in this world is what one person owns and enjoys 5000 people, but God is pleased to feed and save the 5,000 people entrusted to us with the five diseases we already have.


Ministry B:  “Shepherd My Sheep”  (Philippians 2:4-5)

Empower Widows/Single Mothers as Pearls

We desire to provide a network of resources for women to become self-reliant and successful, as they become free from their burdens of motherhood and financial insecurity. By providing practical support such as creating job opportunities, offering job referrals and creating skills development programs, we hope to prepare them to enter the employment market. Furthermore, we would love for them to share the vision and dream of ‘5B2F’ ministry by becoming a member of His Pearls.


​Ministry C: “Comfort My People” (Isaiah 40:1-2)

Comfort and care for patients

As we pray together for patients who have never experienced God’s love and are in desperate need of community, we provide gifts and food periodically to help them get through their difficult and painful times. Through our small acts of service and love, we hope to become a channel to convey God’s love and comfort.

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